Friday, November 1, 2013

recent favorite photoshoots in Korean magazines Part 2

IU for CECI Korea and ELLE

The outfits and styling really matches and makes her look like a young princess

I love the outfit and styling in this picture, almost looks like a painting also
it really helps that i love lacy things and anything with flower patterns on

Ji Sung & Lee Bo Young Honeymoon Photoshoot In Madrid for Grazia

such a sexy photo and they both look gorgeous

The back of Lee Bo Young's wedding dress is absolutely stunning 

T.O.P for L'Officiel Hommes Korea

He looks flawless...not much for me to say here

Lee Soo Hyuk modelling effortlessly in 1st Look Korea
I think slashed jeans should be banned from the face of the planet
but he gets a pass because the focus is on the sweater and his expression

Jay Park & Clara for 1st Look Korea

A more of a trendy shoot where we get to see a mix of patterns and trendy accessories

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